Teti UDS Siphonic System

How Does the Siphonic Drainage System Work?

The siphonic system closes the downpipes section which constitutes the low pressure required by the partial filling of the pipes even in low rainfall quantities. In the meantime, the system-specific Teti Uds Siphonic Strainer prevents Airstop from entering the pipe system caused by “Coriolis Force”.

Due to the rainwater flowing through the sewage drainage system with the drainage of the siphonic rainwater, a “suction-lifting effect” produces a low pressure in the collection pipe that quickly removes the roof area or the pipeline system.

Filling the pipes with rainwater drainage and the pressure difference caused by the height difference leads to high flow rate, thus providing advantages in terms of construction technique and yield.

Conventional Rain Drainage System

TETI UDS Siphonic Rain Drainage System

Siphonic Drainage System Materials

Siphonic system materials are collected under three main headings.
A) Special Drainage Filters with air handler
B) Internal vacuum (created by the system) resistant pipes and fittings
C) Suspensions

Suspension Parts

TETI UDS Siphonic System Drains:
In addition to its high flow performance, it can be used as a high-capacity, locally heat-resistant heater specially designed to minimize friction losses. Has been manufactured from materials that can absorb the heat differences according to all climatic conditions. Special production of building insulation type.

Advantages of TETI UDS Siphonic System


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    Less drain usage due to higher flow rate
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    Vertical outlines are less
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    The lines are self-cleaning due to the vacuum created
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    No inclination required for assembly
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    Pipes are small diameter
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    Safe, long lasting and economical
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    Underground excavation works are few


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    The expansion coefficient (LAK = 0.005 mm / mK)
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    High elasticity modulus (min 6kN / m2)
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    Negative pressure sealing up to 900 mbar
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    Protect form down to -20 degrees in extreme cold
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    Padded in rainy weather
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    Low cost installation because of its simple and fast installation
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    No melting required for connections
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    No electricity required for connections
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    Excellent sound insulation

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